I always had an itch to take up photography when I was younger and could never get the results I wanted with the point and shoot cameras I was buying. In 2015 I decided to buy my first DSLR camera with a small bonus I got in work and that began my obsession with photography.

I purchased the Canon 600D and kit lens and took it from there. Little did I know how deep into photography I would get and since then have enjoyed learning and  also perfecting my own photography styles and techniques.

I have practiced all styles of photography over the years but found landscape, timelapse and wedding photography to be my favorite. I found that there is nothing better than getting out into the wilderness and shooting beautiful landscapes or capturing all of those candid moments throughout a wedding day.

During the pandemic I decided to set up my own online shop and make my photographs available for people to display in their homes or offices rather than have them sitting on my computer never to see the light of day. I’ve always wanted to share my best photographs and often get enquires from people about prints so I am trying to make them available in a number of different formats through the website.

 So please check out my work and if you need to get in touch you can contact me below.

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